Thursday, June 18, 2015

Extensive Research on Papaya Leaf Juice

The Institute for Medical Research (IMR) of Malaysia has started research on the healing properties of papaya leaf juice as a cure for dengue.
IMR medical officer Dr Soobitha Subendran said the research is expected to be completed in two years.
Dr Soobitha said the leaf does not miraculously cure dengue patients, instead it is a “supportive treatment” that helps accelerate the recovery process that usually takes nine to 10 days.
“I have personally witnessed the speedy recovery of patients administered the papaya leaf extract compared to the control group that received standard dengue treatment in the previous clinical trial conducted by IMR,” said Dr Soobitha.
Those intending to take the papaya leaf extract should consult a doctor first before doing so and once cleared by a certified health specialist, can start taking two tablespoons a day for a maximum of three days.
A brochure distributed by IMR details the safe preparation of the papaya leaf juice. Firstly, pick two mature leaves before removing the stump and then wash the leaves thoroughly before soaking for 15 minutes, followed by one last rinse.
Next, it is recommended to either blend, in a blender, or pound the leaves in a pestle and mortar to extract the juice before consuming.



It’s no cure, but papaya leaf has scientifically verified cancer slowing properties. A study by the University of Florida documented the impact of papaya leaf extract on lab-grown tumors and discovered the extract’s ability to slow cancerous tumor growth without the negative side effects of chemotherapy.
10 different types of cancer including cervix, breast, liver, lung and pancreatic cancers were exposed to papaya leaf extract. In every single case, the extract slowed the growth of the tumors, and the larger the dose of papaya leaf extract, the stronger the anticancer effects.
This is great news for everyone, because millions of people suffer from cancer directly or indirectly everyday, and the numbers keep growing. Mountains of money are thrown towards research for cancer cures, but to this day, cancer remains an incurable disease.
Could mother nature hold the cure to this chronic illness in the glowing green juice of the papaya plant? Alternative medicine might be on to something.
Th1-type cytokines are hormonal messengers responsible for the biological effects of the immune system. Papaya leaf extract boosts the production of these molecules, giving you a stronger, healthier immune system.
Additional Healing Properties of Papaya Leaf Extract
  • Revitalizes the human body by maintaining energy and vitality
  • Supports cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health
  • Prevents cataract formation
  • Alleviates inflammation
  • helps with nausea and constipation
  • Can help to reduce blood sugar levels 



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