Saturday, November 1, 2014

Turmeric and Alzheimer's

They've been looking for a cure, but so far have found nothing.

The search for an Alzheimer's drug has been almost a complete and total

Experts are saying that over 99 percent of the research they've been
spending years -- and billions of dollars on -- has gone nowhere.

But could the answer be right there under our nose?

And I mean that literally. Right under our nose in the pungent aroma of
dishes that use the spice turmeric.

Because there have been some very important studies done on this spice that
might help those showing signs of both Alzheimer's *and* dementia.

Researchers found that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in
turmeric may be powerful enough to break up the amyloid plaques in the
brain that contribute to Alzheimer's disease.

That could be due to the fact that turmeric is an antioxidant powerhouse
that also has anti-inflammatory effects.

And it could also explain why the rate of Alzheimer's in India (where
turmeric is widely consumed) is among the lowest in the world.

We've been hearing good news about turmeric for years, but this new
research looked at thousands of studies, data and articles about the spice.
And what it uncovered is that this remarkable root has more than 600
"potential preventive and therapeutic applications."

The health benefits of turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin -- the
spice that gives curry its familiar aroma and yellow hue -- have been found
in a new study to be as effective as 14 different drugs.

The researchers also compared the effectiveness of turmeric to some
big-selling drugs, and what they found was next to astounding. Not only did
turmeric do what these conventional meds claim to, but it did so without
risking any of the deadly side effects that these drugs bring along with

   - Cholesterol -- A 2004 study found that turmeric reduces bad
   cholesterol, helps fight plaque buildup in the arteries and can be as
   effective as Lipitor.
   - Several studies have found that turmeric is as effective as steroid
   drugs in reducing inflammation.
   - A study published in 2011 found the spice to be just as good in
   relieving depression as popular antidepressants drugs like Prozac.
   - Research discovered that turmeric is an effective blood thinner, like
   aspirin, but with none of the side effects.
   - A 2009 study found that turmeric can be thousands of times more
   effective than drugs for diabetes such as Metformin. That research also
   uncovered that turmeric works in the liver to keep glucose levels down in

So keep enjoying curry and other dishes that contain Turmeric, because the
good news about this spice is bound to just keep getting better.

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