Friday, November 2, 2012

Regular Mammograms Save Lives for Women Older Than 50

An expert panel in the United Kingdom said this week that regular mammograms save lives for women older than 50. But that comes at a cost. Three women are treated for breast cancers that would not have harmed them for every life saved, the panel said. 

A review of research released this week found health benefits as a result of public smoking bans. It found that hospital stays for heart attacks and strokes drop in places with the bans. Another review published this week questioned the benefits of taking antidepressant drugs during pregnancy. It found that risks to the baby may outweigh the benefits. 

During the storm Sandy this week, New York University Langone Medical Center had to evacuate 300 patients. The exodus began after the power went off and backup generators failed. Researchers reported promising results this week for a new drug to reduce LDL cholesterol. People in the study already were taking a statin. Adding the new drug lowered LDL more than just raising the statin dose.

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