Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vitamin Pills Are Not Food - They Have Side Effects.

In addition to refined foods, markets are flooded with all kinds of
synthetic vitamin supplements. There are many people who don't have enough time to prepare nutritional meals but think that they can swallow some vitamin pills to obtain enough nutrients.

Can vitamin pills really replace natural foods and provide all the nutrients that the body needs? There was the biggest scientific, clinical experiment in this century performed by the Finland government a few years ago. They have spent 43 million dollars and involved 29,000 people in the experiment for 5 to 8 years. All participants are smokers. They have found that there are 18% more llung cancers and 50% higher mortality due to heart diseases for the group that has been consuming vitamin A and vitamin E compared to the group that has not eaten any vitamin supplement.

When the experiment data came out, it came out in Newsweek, and it came out everywhere. All of the scientists were really shocked. We have been told by scientists that vitamin E is a good antioxidant, can prevent the
hardening of our artery soit should be good for our heart. But why did such a big experiment give us a result completely opposite of what we were told?

Dr. Herbert of the FDA explained that when the vitamin C is inside the orange, it is an anti-oxidant. However, when it is isolated away from an orange, it may become a pro-oxidant. In other words, it will produce
 billions of free radicals. It will give us side effects. Someone may say, "No problem, the vitamin pills I am taking are extracted from natural food. They are natural vitamins."

Actually, there's no such thing as natural vitamins. It is only a commercial term created by the merchants. Natural vitamins and minerals only exist in natural plants. As long as it is extracted or isolated from the plants, it
becomes pure chemical substance. It becomes drugs and has the effects as most drugs. That is why there are always warning signs on the vitamin bottles saying 'Keep out of reach of children' or 'Take only one a day'. We
don't see such warnings on vegetables and fruits.

Some experiments showed that osteoporosis patients could utilize calcium very well if they take it directly from natural plants, but cannot absorb calcium, which is from supplements. Measured with quantum physics, we can
see clearly that there is high energy level in the calcium that exists in the natural plants and low energy level in calcium tablets. In fact, after the calcium tablet has been taken it only travels along the blood vessels
and get excreted from urine without being utilized by the body to build bones. The calcium tablets will only increase the burden of our liver and kidneys. If the calcium tablets can really help, why are there still so many people with osteoporosis?

A few years ago, the American FDA proposed to Congress of the vitamin's potential for toxicity that we should prohibit the sale of the vitamin supplements in the market place, because they have side effects. In fact, in the United States, there are 30,000 children reported to the poison control center due to the toxicity of vitamins every year.

Mothers think vitamins have no side effects. They give it to their children just like candies and don't think that they might get toxins from it. Besides, many food products on the market are added with synthetic vitamins, such as Vitamin C added in orange juice and Vitamins A and D added in milk. Unknowingly, our children are eating an overdose of vitamins. It causes more leukaemia and all types of cancer in children. The FDA has warned the public
that not only vitamin C causes cancers and heart diseases, vitamin F causes arthritis, vitamin D causes liver damage, and vitamin B6 causes central
nervous system damage.

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