Monday, December 13, 2010

Interview with Dr Jameth Sheridan, Founder of Healthforce Nutritionals

 By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
When it comes to superfood formulations, few people have as much technical knowledge and practical experience as Dr Jameth Sheridan, founder of Healthforce Nutritionals ( Dr Sheridan is the creator of the popular superfood products called Vitamineral Green and Vitamineral Earth, and in this interview, he shares some exciting and insightful details on how to create superfoods that deliver a nutrient density far and above the norm.

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In this interview, Dr Sheridan talks about the nutrient uptake of certain foods and explains why feeding calcium to nutritional yeast is, in his view, a waste of time (some "food-based vitamins" incorporate calcium in this manner).

Jameth Sheridan is also a food freedom advocate who supports taking a stand against those who would try to take away our access to nutritional supplements and natural foods. In this interview, he explains his "steamroller" theory of why the little guys in the world get "steamrolled" by powerful corporations. More importantly, he suggests ways that we can all band together to stand up to the evil corporations and achieve positive outcomes for ourselves and our world.

He even breaks down some of the mythologies surrounding raw food, dispelling the myth that there's only "raw food" and "cooked food." As Dr Sheridan explains, there are actually super-healthy foods and superfoods that are ingested HOT.
I've known Dr Sheridan for several years and have published interviews with him before. Each time I talk with him, I learn something new about the complexities of superfood nutrition. In this interview, Dr Sheridan also talks about Senate Bill 510 as well as the current Vitamineral green special discount being offered through the NaturalNews Store:

As Dr Sheridan explains in his interview, his company is actually taking a loss to introduce Vitamineral Green to NaturalNews readers through the NaturalNews Store -- all in the hopes that readers will recognize the value of this premium superfood and become lifelong customers.

Vitamineral Green has remained one of my top-recommended superfoods for several years, long before we carried it in our store. After interviewing Dr Sheridan, I've been using it on a daily basis now instead of just 2-3 times per week. (It goes best with chocolate smoothies, in my opinion.)

The Vitamineral Earth product is best made into a hot tea because hot water unleashes the nutritional potency of the product in much the same way that Chinese Medicine herbs are steeped in a hot water extraction process.

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Enjoy this interview! You'll learn a lot from Dr Sheridan.

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